Medical Billing

Phoenix medical billing

Medical billing is a fundamental part of operating a healthcare business but it can turn into a time-consuming and frustrating activity for busy medical practices. From filing claims to trying to collect insurance company payments, this tedious but necessary task can very quickly become a big headache. At One Plus Tax & Accounting Inc, our medical billing and collections services can relieve your staff of the burden of staying on top of these tasks and ultimately facilitate better cash flow in your business.

Our Phoenix, AZ accounting firm specializes in working with medical practices and can manage all or just a portion of your billing system, depending upon the specific needs and demands of your business. We possess the skills to file claims accurately and collect payments promptly so its easier to manage your finances. Call us at 602-249-9160 today to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

Medical Billing and Collections

  • Maximize insurance company reimbursements
  • Decrease turnaround times for receiving payments
  • Stabilize and boost your cash flow
  • Eliminate compliance risks
  • Reduce staffing costs
  • Patient billing and follow-up
  • Filing claims
  • Following up on claims
  • Resubmitting rejected claims
  • Filing appeals
  • Monitoring reimbursements
  • Documenting and reporting results